OUT Ridership Continues to Rise

Natalie Starr

With the school year starting up again, the ongoing student struggle to find parking  may be less of an issue.  Oxford University Transit (OUT) is offering an alternative for students going to and from campus.

Student Brandon Ray is already on board with the idea.

“I take OUT because it’s very helpful to get around, especially with gas prices like they are and having no car,” said Ray. “I think it’s very helpful as I observe other people getting off and on with the students getting back and it’s just a good way to get you where you want to go.”

Ray and other students say OUT is a way to save money since the ride is free for now.  The director of the program, Ronald Biggs, says OUT is really taking off.

“Ridership of the Oxford University Transit is up this year.  We started on October last year and the first day we started we transported 91 people and now it’s over 600 daily,” Biggs said.

But Ray is not so sure the numbers will stay quite so high.

“I am worried that it may start to drop a little bit, because they may start to charge next month,” Ray said.


~ by nnstarr on October 8, 2009.

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