Exercise Your Way To an “A”

Research conducted by  Sagniaw Valley State University shows a correlation between students who exercise  and an increase in their grades. 266 undergraduate students participated in survey and researchers found that with at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, students could increase their GPA’s by .4 of a point. For students that could be a difference between an A or a B.

With May just around the corner, students are busily preparing for upcoming finals, using the library to their advantage. Although students may not have the time to exercise daily, incorporating exercise in their routine could prove to be beneficial. Hearing how exercise can increase your overall health and grades did not come as a surprise to Ole Miss student Jordan Karien.

” I think so, my parents stressed a lot about that, it just gets  you thinking and settled down,” said Kariean.

With the recent study, health professionals at Ole Miss had their own opinions on the results of the study.

” Any time your exercising you’re going to release some endorphins and its going to increase your productivity,” said Nicole Dabbs, a graduate instructor of exercise science.

Although Dabbs agrees with the data, Harish  Chander  another exercise science staff member, thinks other factors may have went into the research results.

“We got to look at the psychological aspect  of it too. It’s just a state of mind, if I work out I do feel better,” said Chander.

Students at the University of Mississippi are encouraged to use the workout facility the Turner Center on campus. The facility is free to use for students and faculty members.


~ by argarner on April 17, 2012.

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