UM Class of 2012 Fundraises for Senior Gift

Plaque commemorating “Hotty Toddy” to be given to the university


With graduation drawing near, students of the Ole Miss class of 2012 are signing names, stuffing envelopes and sticking stamps on letters to their parents asking them to donate towards the  “Senior Class Gift.”

The class launched a letter campaign and is accepting donations to pay for a plaque detailing the history of the Hotty Toddy cheer.

The senior class gift is an annual present given to the university by the current graduating class in order to leave its mark on campus.  Gifts have ranged from benches in the Grove to a marker on the Lyceum lawn displaying the University Creed.

Senior class president Toran Dean says school spirit was a deciding factor in this year’s gift.

“Almost every student on the senior class executive committee wanted to give something that would showcase our school spirit, and we settled on a plaque with the history of the Hotty Toddy cheer,” Dean said.   “People always ask where the Hotty Toddy comes from, and most students and alumni don’t know how to answer.”

Dean says that the class of 2012 has witnessed traditions come into question since its tenure at Ole Miss, and that Hotty Toddy is an all-encompassing tradition.

Senior class council member John Kaiser says he hopes that everyone — students, faculty and alumni alike, can enjoy the gift once it is placed on campus.

“I hope that our senior class gift helps to further tie us together,” Kaiser said.  “I feel like it’s the perfect gift to leave the university with.”

A home for the plaque  on campus is yet to be determined.  A team led by Ian Banner, university architect, is working to find the perfect spot.

Dean says the plaque will cost approximately $4,000, and that the money should be easily attainable.

“Along with asking parents for donations, we are asking each fraternity and sorority to donate $100.00 on behalf of their seniors, and there are 22 fraternities and sororities,” Dean said.

Dean says it will be a couple days before she hears from the UM Foundation about how much money has been raised so far.

Donations for the gift are tax deductible and can be given through the UM Foundation online or by calling 800-340-9542.


~ by maggiemday on March 19, 2012.

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