New York-Style Pizza Comes to Oxford

A New York-style pizzeria, complete with New York memorabilia on the walls, 6 N’ Tubbs, recently opened in Oxford after previously being located in Batesville, MS.

Owner Dennis Van Oostendorp, who is better known as Pizza Dennis by his friends, moved to Mississippi wanting to bring a New York-style of pizza to the South.

“A lot of times, what happens is that most of the pizzas (in Oxford) are made in conveyor ovens, so it is really not touching a hot stone,” said Van Oostendorp. “These pizza’s that you see (here) go right from the wood peel on to a hot stone. It’s baked directly on a hot stone. It makes a big difference.”

Moving his business to Oxford was a tough decision due to the large amount of pizza restaurants already established in town. Including national chains and local restaurants, there are approximately seven well-known pizza places in Oxford. However, Pizza Dennis feels as though Oxford is big enough to support his restaurant as well as the other establishments.

“Oxford, with the community of students, and just Oxford alone, you are in the high twenty-thousands (of people),” he said. “It is not really a small town. It’s huge, so that didn’t matter to me.”

Ole Miss student James Kelly says that the many pizza places in Oxford is good for competition.

“I think the key is competitiveness,” said Kelly. “The quality of pizza is what causes people to decide on it. I think that is what people in Oxford can appreciate, is good quality pizza.”

6 N’ Tubbs is located at 1619 Jackson Avenue West, and is open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

By David Henson and Bennett Hipp.


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