Overcrowding of Turner Center at Ole Miss due to Spring Break

By: Cara Horn and Frances Armistead

With spring break less than a month away, the Turner Center is starting to see more students than usual.

“The most busy times are right after New Year’s and right before Spring Break,” facilities graduate assistant Chad Caldwell said.

Many students are actually becoming frustrated because overcrowding is beginning to interfere with their normal workout schedule.

“There is quite a lot of standing around and that interferes with your rest periods,” Ole Miss student Luke Stoker said.

According to Stoker there are many students who are trying to use the same equipment, making it hard to get in specific workouts you want to do.

Since the spring break crowd is starting to take over the gym, regulars are having to adjust their everyday routine.

“I have actually had to change some of my workouts the past couple of weeks because I am used to doing stuff where I use a lot of equipment in a row and I just can’t do it anymore,” Ole Miss student Seth Williams said.

Once students return from spring break, regulars hope the crowd in the Turner Center will die down.


~ by franarmistead on March 4, 2012.

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