Subway Picks Ole Miss for First Mobile Restaurant

By David Henson and Bennett Hipp

Due to the great success of the Subway restaurant in the Ole Miss Student Union, which opened two years ago, the institutional food company Aramark and Ole Miss Dining teamed up with Subway to give Ole Miss the first ever mobile Subway trailer on a college campus.

“We were really looking for solutions going into the fall with the increase in freshmen enrollment,” said Ole Miss Dining Senior Food Service Director Jason Phillips. “So that was really where the idea (of the trailer) was sparked out of. The Subway store inside the union had done so well, we knew that brand recognition would be received well for the students.”

One of the goals of Aramark was to disperse some of the heavy traffic from the student union to the mobile trailer.

Students such as Will Hamilton have taken advantage of the trailer’s location.

“It’s convenient. It’s right on my way back to my car from class, and it’s a whole lot easier than going to the union” said Hamilton. “It’s a lot less people, and it comes out just as fast and fresh. It’s great.”

While the trailer is currently located on Fraternity Row between the Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Delta Psi fraternity house, Aramark and Ole Miss Dining are unsure if the current location will become the trailers permanent spot.

“When we originally went into the Grove, we knew that was going to be a temporary solution” said Phillips. “Where it’s currently at, if it stays there for the long term, we’d like to add some greenery and make it sort of a softer look.

With the recent cold weather, Aramark and the Subway trailer have seen a decline in business.

However, with spring on the way, they expect business to pick up again.


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