Ole Miss Students Win at Southeast Journalism Competition

By: Andrea Garner & Matthew Milner

For two years straight Ole Miss students have been crowned grand champions at the Southeast  Journalism Conference.

During the two-day event, held at the University of Tennessee, students took home 14 awards.

Aubrey Killion, winner for on-site TV reporting said there was a lot of uncertainty about the event. “I think it was kind of really not knowing specifically what was to come next  and really kind of planning in the  back of your head  how you are going to produce your story.”

This years’ conference was a first for Killion.

Another first-year participant was Kelsey Dockery, the Daily Mississippian design editor, who was surprised to hear the results of the competition.

“I really wasn’t expecting to win” said Dockery. “I was excited to be awarded for all the hard work we do here.”

A few other winners of the competition include:

  • Josh Clark- First place for best news-editorial artist/illustrator
  • Stephen Quinn- Third place for best television journalist
  • Austin Mcafee- Third place for best press photographer
  • Victoria Boatman- Fifth place for best news graphic designer
  • Petre Thomas- Seventh place for best news graphic designer
  • NewsWatch 99- Fifth place for best college television station

~ by argarner on February 28, 2012.

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