Goodbye Colonel Reb, Hello New Mascot

The University of Mississippi has begun the process of selecting a new on-field mascot that will replace Colonel Rebel, who was removed as the on-field mascot in 2003.

The Mascot Selection Committee  is heading up the effort to pick a new mascot, and is trying to make sure students’ opinion’s are heard.  The  committee’s webpage has more details on its mission, as well as a  “Got Ideas?” link where thoughts on selecting a mascot ideas can be submitted.

Committee co-chair Margaret Ann Morgan says they have received quite a lot of submissions.

“We’ve received lots of land sharks, patriots, black bears; there are tons of submissions coming in every day,” Morgan said.

Colonel Rebel merchandise is no longer being printed by wholesalers and as of August 31, the only Colonel Rebel merchandise that will be available in retail stores is whatever they have left in stock.

“Once we sell it all, its gone,” says Ashley Grantham, Rebel Rags manager. “We’re meeting with sales representatives almost every day, seeing what they still have in stock; there’s a high demand for Colonel Rebel stuff.”

University officials say Ole Miss will retain the name “Rebels,’ regardless off the on-field mascot change.

“We are the Ole Miss Rebels and we are trying to find a mascot that personifies what Ole Miss Rebels is to us,” said Morgan.

Lee Tyner, University of Mississippi attorney and Special Assistant to Chancellor Dan Jones, also serves as one of the three advisors to the Mascot Committee.  Tyner says the Colonel Rebel logo is something the University wants to continues to own and control.

“We want it to continue to play a great role, a historical sort of role for the University. We will use it in historically appropriate ways,” said Tyner.

He cites the printing of throwback jerseys as a type of merchandise that might be included as an example of an historically appropriate use.


~ by mwyarbro on April 20, 2010.

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