Teaching Jobs for Ole Miss College Grads

We continually hear the same worn out line these days, “the economy is suffering,” but a certain group of people are faced with some heavy decisions that could potentially affect the course their lives.

College graduates entering what has always been referred to as “the real world” now have to face it or decide to put more time in the classroom.

The economy continues to affect people all over the country, especially college graduates.  Unfortunately for graduating seniors, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in March that unemployment reached 9.7 percent nationwide.  Many students preparing to graduate fear this statistic is going to leave them without a job.

Education majors preparing to graduate are beginning to learn that trying to find a job in today’s economy is going to be more difficult than they had planned, and the numbers don’t lie.

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With the amount of teaching jobs down 300,000 since 2000, many education majors are deferring the job market for graduate school.

“After graduate school is when I’ll start applying for jobs, I really haven’t thought too much about applying for jobs (in this economy),” Joanna Martin, Ole Miss education major and student teacher at Oxford Middle School, said.

The School of Education at Ole Miss mandates that students complete a student-teaching program.  This program allows students to shadow teachers and do some teaching before they move into their own classrooms.

However, one lesson the student won’t get:  How to find a job.

On the plus side, teaching job opportunities are expected to increase by 500,000 over the next ten years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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~ by kbodonne on April 13, 2010.

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