New Ole Miss Law School to Open Late

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]The construction on the new Ole Miss law school is still in progress.  This comes as a surprise to many students and faculty.

The original grand opening was set for this coming fall, but due to inclement weather this past winter, the opening has now been pushed back to January 2011.

Law school dean Samuel Davis said, “The project has been set back at least sixty days.”

Construction workers are trying to find a way to make up for lost time.  They are working around the clock to complete the $50 million dollar building.  Davis said $35 million of this funds comes from private donors.

The new building will feature classrooms with state of the art technology, as well as a cafe much like the one in the student union.

Davis says being farther from the Grove will be one drawback for the new location, but he is still excited about the changes and prospective students seem to be, too.

“I’ll tell you one thing, applications have increased 30% this year alone,”  Davis said.

The university is also anticipating the move because it will free up more space for classrooms in the old building.


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