Ole Miss Administrator Reaches Out to Students

She is a dedicated worker at Ole Miss, holding the title of Assistant Dean of Students. Valeria Ross is often one of the last to leave the campus because she says she hates to leave work unfinished.

On a normal day, it is possible for her to attend three to four meetings and sit in front of her computer for as much as six hours throughout the day. One privilege to her job is having someone to take her calls so it does not interfere with her work.

Even with so many tasks, she still finds the time to converse with students. Students frequent her office to discuss worries about their busy schedules or just to chat.

“Valeria Ross has this motherly feel to her, and I think that’s why students seem to gravitate towards her,” Mignon Chinn, her graduate assistant said.

Many students’ visitors come to her for words of advice when they are feeling the pressure of their college career.   

Ross says she wants students to take advantage of their time on campus. She says this is a great college and getting involved on the campus, being a leader, will open many doors of opportunity.  ” Ole Miss is a home, away from home and getting involved on campus is one way to feel more welcomed by students”, says Valeria Ross.


~ by kendraash on March 5, 2010.

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