Ole Miss MBA President Juggles Leadership and Lessons

Stephen Altenbach is going above and beyond taking on grad school and a presidency.

Altenbach was elected by his peers to represent them as the 2010 Ole Miss MBA president.  There are 60 students in the MBA program

Altenbach says the hardest part about being president is getting the students behind his ideas.  However, Altenbach’s advisor Bethany Cooper insists that he is doing a great job unifying the students and taking initiative.  Altenbach is promoting a golf tournament to this year to raise money for future MBAs.

“Stephen and his class are rallying together to raise money for future assistantships and to really pay it forward,” said Cooper.

The golf tournament will be held in April and is a completely student-led fundraiser.  Altenbach has put most of his efforts as president towards this specific fundraiser.

Aside from his presidential duties Altenbach attends class Monday through Thursday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.  It is very difficult to keep school work a priority with such a busy schedule.

“Sometimes I have to spend an extra 10-20 hours a week for my presidential duties, but my GPA comes first,” said Altenbach.

A high GPA is most important to Altenbach because he knows the importance of good grades when applying for jobs.  His position as president is providing him with strong talking points in interviews.  Altenbach says his role as president will continue to be an asset he takes with him into the working world.


~ by klpeters5 on March 3, 2010.

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