Ole Miss Golfers Play Hard, Study Hard

College athletes typically have to work hard and sacrifice a lot to get where they are. Not only do they have to keep up with the intense competition, but also they have to keep up with their school work.

Ashley Lance and Haley Sanders are two such student athletes.  They play golf for Ole Miss and have little down time.

“I get up at least by five in the morning every day; its tough, but it’s necessary so you can balance school and athletics,” Lance said.

The women’s golf team has a very intense schedule coming up.  Starting March 1, the team competes in a tournament every other week, sometimes traveling as far away as Athens, Ga.

“This is the part that as an athlete you love and hate. I love the game and tournaments, but getting behind on your school work can sneak up on you,” Sanders said.

Lance transferred from Michigan State to come play at Ole Miss.  Though she works just as hard here, Lance says Ole Miss is a better place for her than Michigan.

“The team was too big and it was just too cold for me, but as an athlete I knew that I needed to be at a place I loved and wanted to compete and further my education, so I picked Ole Miss.

Lance is now one of the top women’s golfers at the university.


~ by nmmills on March 2, 2010.

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