Super Bowl Sunday Options in Oxford

When the Colts and Saints square off in this Sunday’s Super Bowl, Oxford residents will have to make their plans without the use of local bars.  Sunday alcohol sales are banned in the city.

“Since I can’t go to the bar, I think we’re just going to have people over and grill out,” said Ole Miss senior Logan Walsh.

Many local bars and restaurants wish things were different.

Griffin Tanner, owner of The Levee said, “Having the option to bring in sales I think would help anybody.  If you can justify it with your cost and your payroll it’s another day that you can bring customers in and make another dollar”.

Tanner says he doubts the solution is asking the state to allow bars and restaurants to pick and choose which Sundays they could be open. He thinks the answer is simply lifting the ban on Sunday sales.

Some footballs fans wish they had more options.

“To watch the game I’d probably rather have a house party to watch it.  But since I don’t necessarily care about the Saints or the Colts it would be fun to go to the bar,” Walsh said. 

However, former Ole Miss football player Mark Jean-Louis says he has n even better idea.

“I’d rather watch it in Miami.”


~ by robg22 on February 23, 2010.

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