No Super Bowl Sunday Liquor Sales in Oxford, Miss.

Not only are people living in Oxford limited to buying room temperature beer, but also they are prevented from buying alcohol on Sundays.

For Super Bowl Sunday that means your only options are planning ahead, buying alcohol outside the Oxford city limits or attending a party at a venue with resort status, such as the nearby Castle Hill.  

The law is more than an inconvenience to some, for Oxford restauranteurs and bar owners, it can be a missed business opportunity.  

Jake Laumbattus, bar manager at Waltz on the Square says the restaurant would benefit from Sunday sales.

“Sundays are a little more laid back, and people are finished with their plans.  They’d like to come out and have a drink, relax a little bit,” Laumbattus said.  “I think Sunday could increase our sales probably by about 20 percent at the bar.” 

This has been an ongoing issue in Oxford for the past 50 years. Every time it comes up for a vote, the Board of Aldermen have denied Sunday sales.  

For now, Oxford is dry on Sundays, no matter what.


~ by gsgustaf on February 23, 2010.

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