New Kind of Green Grocer

William Cannon & Natalie Starr

Want to indulge your inner hippy? There’s a certified organic and green grocer in the Mid-South. Whole Foods on Poplar in Memphis has opened its doors to environmentally-conscious customers.

Last year on Earth Day, Whole Foods replaced standard plastic bags with a green-friendly bag, recyclable paper bags and a reusable sack that is composed of 80% plastic bottles.

“It takes about a thousand years for a plastic bag to break down. So if you can imagine every customer that shops at every Whole Foods everyday, the amount of plastic that would generate is ridiculous. It’s about one hundred and fifty million bags a year, spokesperson Liza Burke said.

 Burke says the green bags are quite practical.

“They are made from recycled plastic, and the thing is, they last forever, so you can buy one and use it for the rest of your life,” Burke said.

Even if the bag wears out, Burke says they can still be useful.

“You see dresses made out them;  you know really creative stuff, so I definitely think that one bag makes a pretty big difference,” Burke said.

Some customers see the value of a more environmentally-friendly shopping bag.

“Unfortunately plastic bags do not deteriorate and they are with us forever,” said customer John Carter.  “I always laugh and say the people that are going to be the archaeologists of the future are going to dig and the artifacts they find are going to be plastics.”

Whether you shop at Whole Foods or bring your own bags to your favorite grocery store, this is one simple way to lower your carbon foot print.


~ by wecannon415 on November 6, 2009.

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