Ping Pong Provides International Students with Opportunity

Jessica DeSalvo

The International Ping Pong Group is a brand new organization on the Ole Miss campus this year and already it has nearly 70 members.

The club began this past August and serves to bring international and American students together. Ole Miss student and club president Matthew Metcalf got the whole thing started.

“I was on a missionary trip in Korea this summer, and it really opened my eyes up to this idea of intercultural relationships. We need to welcome these people into our homes,” says Metcalf.

After spending time with Metcalf one can really see his dedication to his cause. He is an accounting student here on campus and in graduate school. Yet, he still manages time for the Baptist Student Union, Missionary trips to Korea, studying abroad and founding a campus organization.

Through the sport of ping pong, Metcalf is successfully bringing people from all walks of life together. Students from Malaysia, Korea and Switzerland now share a common bond with students from places like Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

Metcalf is trying to organize a tournament for the near future. He hopes that he and his buddies will be playing teams like Mississippi State, which is known for its ping pong club.

Metcalf expects the Ole Miss group to grow significantly over the next year. Those interested should contact the group via Facebook by searching the “International Ping Pong Group.”


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