Bicycling in Oxford Has Health Benefits

Natalie Starr

Julie Prost is a senior student at Ole Miss and began riding her bike to school and work this fall not only for exercise, but also to reduce stress.

“I ride my bike everyday to school and work, not only does it help me work out everyday and burn calories, but it also helps save money on gas and it’s such a good work out going up and down the hill in Oxford. It’s also really leg burning, and I love it because I just need to start getting in shape,” Proust said.

And she’s not alone. Many Ole Miss students take up bicycling as a hobby and source of transportation. 

Biking has several health benefits: It is a good cardiovascular exercise that can increase the health of your heart, it also strengthens the leg muscles and increases balance.  Biking also burns twice as much calories as running. 

Prost has become familiar with the biking trails around Oxford.

“Going to the trails here is nice to go for a bike ride and work out and stay in shape and be healthy about it.  When you work out and stay in shape you want to eat healthy, too,” Proust said. 

Biking every day for an hour can help you shed off the pounds.   

Also be sure to check out Oxford’s Bicycling Club by clicking here.


~ by nnstarr on October 15, 2009.

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