Ole Miss Gives Back With Third Annual SEC Food Drive

Austin Eagle

The University of Mississippi participated in the third annual Southeastern Conference Food Drive which saw contributions from students and the community reach new heights with the donation of more than 8,000 pounds of food compared to the 6,000 pounds donated last year.

Joseph Sudderth is a third year student on campus who chose this year’s event as an opportunity to give back to those that may need help.

“It really contributes to people, especially in the economic times and these hard times. I have received a lot myself and I know how it feels to be given to,” Sudderth said.

Donations received from the community and from students such as Sudderth will go towards feeding up to 100 people in the Oxford community.

“In the past I’ve contributed to the Red Cross Association, I’ve also contributed and helped Katrina refuges. This SEC food drive is just another way to give back,” Sudderth said.

Ann O’Dell, founder and president of the Oxford Pantry which will receive this years donated cans, said all donations will be a big help.

“The community has been very generous to donate food and because of our resources, we are able to help everyone who comes through,” O’Dell said.

O’Dell said that helping hands are what makes the most difference in getting food to people who need it most.

“Without the donations, food and monetary donations from the community, we simply wouldn’t be able to function,” O’Dell said.

With the increase in donations received in this year’s event, the Southeastern Conference Food Drive looks as if it may become an annual tradition around the University of Mississippi and the community for years to come.

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