“Meet and Greet” with Dean Norton

Ali Ragsdale

The new dean of the Ole Miss Journalism School Dr. Will Norton told students at a “Meet and Greet” in the Overby Center that he believes that they have everything it takes to succeed.

The event began on September 16th with a brief biographical speech by Norton followed by a question and answer segment with students. Norton said he was eager to answer questions on subjects ranging from some current problems to future goals.

Norton said, “I want to know what the students are thinking and what they want to know. That is crucial for us.”

Norton said it is important for him to spend time getting to know his students on a deeper level. He said, “If I don’t understand where you are from how can I teach you, and how can our people teach you?”

He also told students that he doesn’t want to only see them when they are in trouble. Rather, Norton said he wants his students to come talk to him about their particular interests in journalism and their ideas for the future.

Norton said that he is there to help students get involved in extracurricular activities. Norton also said that the Student Media Center is one avenue available that all journalism students can pursue. 

Some students said that they were already comfortable enough with Norton to discuss with him their thoughts and particular ideas. President of the Society of Professional Journalists Andrew Scott said, “I am definitely comfortable with the new dean, Dr. Norton, or ‘Will’ as he would be preferred to be called.”

Scott also said that he believes Norton is well suited to be the new dean. Scott said, “He is a great guy and I know he has a lot of ambition for the new School of Journalism. And, he has the skill sets to bring us into the future.”

The future of journalism is one topic that received a large amount of attention at the assembly. Students asked questions concerning when new technology will be available for use in the coming school years and how the new School of Journalism will help prepare students for the reality of mass media.

Norton said that although the future may seem uncertain, he is ready to work hard for his students and is excited to see them excel through the years.

Norton said he is particularly excited about teaching southern students once again. He said that he is drawn to the increased sensitivity that most southern students possess and is certain that Mississippi students have the tools it takes to succeed.

Norton said, “The only thing that they don’t have is a sense of how good they are.”


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