Ole Miss to “Go Green” with New Bike Program

Callie Little

The start of a new school year means new efforts by the Ole Miss Green Initiative to improve the environment in a practical and accessible way.

 Campus sustainability coordinator Jim Morrison heads up the program.

“The area of sustainability is our future. It is about being smarter about how we operate,” Morrison said. “It’s about finding ways through technology, through science, and through our social behaviors, and how we can be better stewards of our resources.”

Morrison and others involved in the  Green Initiative say one way students can “be smarter” is by choosing to participate in the Rebel Pedal program. 

Rebel Pedal is a biking initiative that reduces auto traffic by renting bikes to students on campus.

 According to Morrison, the program meets the “green” triple bottom line: finance, sociability and environment.

 The idea for Rebel Pedal was first introduced following a dramatic rise in gas prices, which caused a surge in biking on campus.

“We’ve found again, social behaviors change when gas is four dollars per gallon,” Morrison said.

 Rebel Pedal student leader Brent Caldwell is looking to do more than just rent bikes to students.

 “We think that once people start riding bikes, just through the system, we’re hoping that they’ll start purchasing bikes and incorporating them into their lives,” Caldwell said. “We really are pushing to change the culture we’re going to try to make bikes the better option than cars on campus.”

 For more details on the program and how you can get involved, log on to www.olemiss.edu/green


~ by calittle88 on October 6, 2009.

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