Saving Lives Through New Oxford Animal Shelter

Ali Ragsdale

Innovative fundraisers are driving the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society’s $600,000 capital campaign for a more spacious shelter. Humane Society development director Hattie Alton says that community members are encouraged to donate money by adopting a space, such as a chair or brick, in the new shelter.

Additionally, Alton says that “Yappy Hour” at Taylor’s Pub in Oxford is an enjoyable monthly event that brings people and pets together for appetizers, animal treats and non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

Neighborhoods are also joining in the efforts to make this new shelter possible by setting up lemonade stands and getting behind the K-12 walk to raise funds. The K-12 walk is one way of bringing children of all ages in the community together. Kennel attendant Kirsten Brewer says that most people really enjoy the hour walk through the streets of Oxford and get a true sense of what volunteering is all about. 

Brewer also says that volunteering at the shelter is also a good way to get involved. She says, “It’s just so much fun, I love the animals out here. It’s sometimes better than being with humans!”

Brewer says that they will never run out of room for volunteers because there is always something to do. Volunteers at the shelter help walk the dogs and feed all of the animals.

Alton says that this new shelter is essential for the animals in Oxford and Lafayette County. She says that the Humane Society currently takes in more than 3,000 animals per year; however, Alton says that the living conditions have become too cramped leaving no more room to house healthy, adoptable animals. This forces more animals to be put to sleep.

Alton says that the new shelter’s central location will help increase traffic flow for potential foster parents and individuals looking to adopt. Alton says, “Adopting a pet is one of the surest ways to save a life.”

The Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society is in partnership with the City of Oxford Board of Aldermen and the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors to build the new shelter. They are currently half way to reaching the total campaign goal.


~ by aeragsda on September 30, 2009.

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