Ole Miss Parking: Lack of Parking Spaces Create Problems

Austin Eagle

With enrollment up 4.2 percent  and the addition of new buildings such as the Residential College on the University of Mississippi campus, there has been an increase in parking problems for student commuters.

Casey Neale is a fourth year student who commutes to class each day and has to fight to find a parking spot. He says it’s a hassle unlike those he’s seen in the past.

“You know I have to come to campus at least 30 to 45 minutes before my class starts because I know … its going to take me awhile to find a spot and because all the commuter spots are not located on one side of campus, then I need to give myself that much time to actually walk to class,” Neale said.

Neale says the problem is costing him time and money now that Ole Miss is making changes to accomodate those who live on campus.

“What used to be commuter parking has this year turned into residential parking, and I actually parked there the first week of school and received a ticket for having the incorrect decal to park there, and I didn’t know that because I hadn’t been informed that it was no longer commuter parking,” Neale said.

Students aren’t the only ones who have noticed a bigger parking problem around campus. Glen Sawer, a University of Mississippi parking officer, says he sees it, too.

“There’s simply not enough room for all these students.,” Sawer said.

He also joked that he’s getting close to recommending students ride bikes to campus even though it might cost him his job.

Linda Christian, manager of parking services at Ole Miss said in an email that the university is aware of the problem.

“It’s almost a certainty the university will eventually need more spots,” wrote Christian.

She says the university is waiting for final registration numbers before coming up with any new parking plans.

For Ole Miss commuters dealing with the burden of finding parking before class, it’s a problem that can’t be fixed fast enough. 

“Its an understandable hassle, you’re going to have trouble finding parking spots, but I think something needs to be done to alleviate this problem to allow students to have an easier time to find a place to park,” Neale said.

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