New Residential College More Than Just Another Dormitory

Casey Neale

With enrollment growing each semester, the University of Mississippi is working to build new residence halls. With the new Residential College; however, the goal was to get more than just another dormitory.

From the outside, the newest building on campus appears to be just one of the many newly completed construction projects at Ole Miss.  But the university hopes the Residential College will offer students and faculty alike the opportunity to build a new kind of relationship with one another.

Freshman biology major Adam Stanford is living in the new dorm.

“A lot of my friends are here so we always hang out; and obviously the rooms are awesome,” said Stanford.

Stanford also likes the unlimited food in the cafeteria and the sense of community he feels.

“You eat here, you see people here, there’s even a classroom here,” Stanford said. ”You just do more with the people that you live with.”

Dr. Daniel O’Sullivan, the Senior Fellow and administrative leader of the Residential College, agrees with Adam and feels the state-of-the-art residence hall could help the university retain its students.

“They’re going to want to stay because it’s a nice place, because we have a real sense of community here,” said O’Sullivan.

O’Sullivan remarks that a number of students have already told him they plan to stay not only next year, but all four years.

Here are more details on the the college:

  • Co-ed
  • Houses 466 students (from all majors)
  • Costs $4,000 – $5,000 per semester
  • Includes room, board, and meal plan
  • Must maintain 2.5 GPA to remain resident

O’Sullivan says that with the Residential College, students like Adam are getting the best of both worlds.

“You know you have the small college experience; we have our dining hall, where the students sit and eat.  They want to come in and they want to sit and talk,” O’Sullivan said.  “But at the same time, when they want to go out and experience the Ole Miss experience, it’s right out the front door.”


~ by cdneale on September 30, 2009.

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