First Mississippi Residential College, Ever!

Jessica Desalvo

 With Fall and football season here, Ole Miss’ second residential college is underway. The University of Mississippi is the only college in the state with these types of facilities.

“I think it’s a great idea…with this new idea of residential college,” says resident assistant Liam Clements.

Since its opening in August, students at the first residential college see advantages over other living facilities on campus. The college provides students with classrooms, conference rooms, and its very own library.

It’s a “state-of-the- art facility” according to the residential college Web site.

Many of the students living there say a sense of community is what the Residential College brings to the campus. All 466 students have electronic keys, which are needed for every door access. Even a quaint courtyard is centrally located to make student life convenient.

“I think the best thing…and the rooms are amazing,” says freshman resident Lauren Seal.

The college has six different dorm layouts. These range from the standard double suite to the handicap accessible suite with wheelchair friendly showers. Semester room rates are higher than other dorms on campus beginning around $2400. However, residents are guaranteed a room for the rest of their undergraduate work.

The Residential College provides undergraduates with food for thought. Their very own kitchen, staff and dining hall bring a lot to the table.

“You know…going out to get dinner,” says Clements.

Just five more home football games remain but much more construction is ahead. There is no completion date thus far for the project. The completion date will be updated when made available.

-New website for Ole Miss residential college

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-Good model of successful residential colleges

-DM online article about RC from 2008

-DM online article about RC since its open in 2009

-Construction website


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