UPDATED VIDEO: Swine Flu Hitting the Ole Miss Football Team?

Tony Russell

The swine flu and other “flu-like” symptoms have hit top-ranked Ole Miss football team. Nearly 40 players have come down with what the team calls flu-like symptoms.

UPDATED VIDEO: 10/12/2009 @2:13:45 A.M. CDT

With only one game under their belts and high expectations, the Ole Miss Rebels football team is coming down with a bad case of the swine flu.

So far, officials at the University of Mississippi are reporting hundreds of cases of infection from the H1N1 influenza virus. At least 40 members of the football team, including star running back Dexter McCluster, have experienced “flu like symptoms.”

Ole Miss head football Coach Houston Nutt says he can’t believe what he’s seeing.

“Its unusual to have that many; I’ve never experienced that before to have that many at one time,” Nutt said.

Nutt also added that he’s glad that the annual meet and greet with the community was cancelled.

“That’s why you didn’t have Rebel Day right there; you know that’s really the reason why because we could have very easily had this before Memphis, lemme tell you something, that’d be scary enough if we had a game this week,” Nutt said.

Head athletic trainer Tim Mullins says they’re doing everything they can to constantly monitor the health of their athletes.

“They all have to come in the mornings, report in after 7:30 [A.M.], we check every one of them’s individual temperature, go over all their symptoms at that time, then evaluate each one of them each morning,” Mullins said.

The number five ranked Ole Miss Rebels will have two weeks to prepare for their first home game against Southeastern Louisiana State University.


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